A To Go Container Review: Do TGI Friday’s Burgers Hold Up?

We’re excited about this TGI Friday’s to go container review. We get to eat one of their signature burgers. Yum!

You know the saying at this restaurant – “In Here, It’s Always Friday”. We wonder if we’ll still get that Friday feeling after taking home their food and warming it up. We recently tested out Chili’s packaging and found it didn’t do much to keep the food fresh. Surely, TGI Fridays will do better!  

Our choice is the Signature Whiskey-Glazed Burger, medium-rare. We stop by a local TGI Fridays and pick up this delicious meal. As the image above shows, the to go container has two compartments, a plastic base, and a clear top that snaps into its base around the edges.

The burger is freshly made and wrapped in tin foil and placed within the same compartment as the sweet potato fries. Smartly, they have placed the lettuce, tomato, and onion in the second compartment. The whiskey glaze sauce has its own container as well. You can see that the package is still steamed up a bit. The staff has done their best using this packaging to keep the food fresh.

The delicious burger exceeds our expectations. It’s a fantastic, perfectly cooked burger topped with cheese, crispy smoked bacon and a tangy-sweet sauce. The lettuce and onion crunch while blending with the tomato, juicy burger and tasty bun. The sweet potato fries are also hot and fresh. This meal took a lot of control to not finish, but we set aside a small portion for later enjoyment.

Still Have That Friday Feeling?


A few hours later, we come back for that last bite! Almost frantically, we pull the food from the fridge and then warm it up in the microwave. Does TGI Friday’s packaging keep that burger tasting just as good? The answer is no. SoggyTGIFridaysBurgerThe lettuce, onion, tomato, and fries go soggy. The cheese definitely loses flavor and the bacon loses its crispiness. However, the perfectly cooked and sauced burger still tastes pretty good.

This chain utilizes a standard plastic packaging, but also smartly uses the two compartment version. This approach, coupled with wrapping the burger in tin foil, helps keep hot and cold food from mixing before they should.

That said, the plastic packaging itself doesn’t work to keep the food fresh. It just does a better job containing it than other options. Our “Crunch Patch” actively works to keep takeout food fresh longer. The Friday feeling did not last with TGI Friday’s to go container. With Soggy Food Sucks, it could!



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