Takeout on Thanksgiving? It’s More Common Than You Think

Thanksgiving gives us all a great opportunity to reconnect with family, but it’s also a hectic time. The sometimes lofty expectations on quality of food can be overwhelming. Many people turn to restaurants to help remove some or all of the cooking stress that can come with the holidays.

Not everybody feels the need to toil away in the kitchen for friends and family on Turkey Day. Statistics show that 10% of people dine out for their Thanksgiving meal and 5% enjoy a full takeout meal. Even if they are inclined to cook at home, 57% of a Thanksgiving meal likely still includes items that were made at a restaurant or food service outlet1.

A great opportunity exists for restaurants to drive added business on Thanksgiving, but the food has to be fantastic. You are essentially now responsible for delivering THE home cooked meal of the year to someone’s family. No pressure! What your restaurant provides needs to have that fresh, homemade flavor and taste that lasts all the way to the table.

The clock is already ticking the moment they pick up your freshly made food as turkey and stuffing really needs to be eaten or properly stored/refrigerated within two hours of being cooked. Considering that many pick up takeout several hours or even a day before they serve and might be making multiple stops before getting home – your delivery packaging will be very important.

Don’t let bad delivery packaging turn your Thanksgiving meal from great to ok or worse. Your restaurant works hard on preparing a delicious meal for a very important holiday. Your delivery packaging should be working just as hard to help keep it fresh.

Soggy Food Sucks provides a scientific solution that keeps your food fresh by eliminating any chance for condensation in the delivery packaging. It’s easy to use. Simply peel and stick the product to the top of your delivery container and your food stays fresh longer!

In addition to the type of packaging you use, be sure to follow best practices with how you package the food. Common approaches include separating types of food (cold and hot for example) as well as keeping sauces in their own containers. Your chef will know best! It also might be helpful to provide your customers specific, step-by-step written directions on how to store and warm up the food properly to get the best result. They will certainly thank you when they are looking for those instructions to refer to on the big day!

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