Raising Canes Styrofoam Container Fried Chicken

A Styrofoam Container Review: Fried Chicken To Go!

Raising Cane’s fried chicken in a styrofoam container is next on our list for review. From a tasty burger from TGI Fridays to fried chicken in a week! Reviewing food and their containers has its perks.

They have several different combo options to choose from. We decide to go with their “box” combo. As the image above shows, the container is a classic styrofoam container. It has two compartments within it that hold the food. Styrofoam Container Fried Chicken CloseUpThe box combo from Raising Cane’s comes with 4 pieces of fried chicken tenders, a pile of crinkle cut fries, texas toast, coleslaw and their special Cane’s sauce. The sauce and slaw are in their own small plastic containers.   

It’s just what we were hoping for! The crinkle cut fries are fresh and salty. The fried chicken delights with crunchy flavorful seasonings and juicy, tender meat on the inside. The texas toast drips with buttery taste and crispiness. The slaw is fresh and tangy. Finally, the special Cane’s sauce has a sweet yet slightly mustardy signature taste that brings it all together. Delicious!

Still Got That Crunch Hours Later?

A few hours later, the fried chicken craving hits again and we go back for more. We pull the styrofoam container from the fridge and warm up the chicken in the microwave. Does the packaging help keep the crunchiness? Unfortunately for us, the answer is no. The crinkle cut fries lose their flavor as they get soggy and squishy. The fried chicken loses the delicious fried seasoning flavor and crispiness. The meat gets some stringiness to it and a bit chewy. It also loses its juicy tenderness.

This chain utilizes a popular to go packaging option – styrofoam. However, without the help of a Soggy Food Sucks Crunch Patch, it just doesn’t do anything to keep the food fresh.



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