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Fresh From The Oven: A Pizza Delivery Box Review

Next stop on our tour of to-go food options and their packaging is Papa John’s and this pepperoni and mushroom pie and pizza delivery box review.

Our two previous posts were of a coffee shop breakfast and a freshly made lunch salad. These are companies that are either completely local or mostly local. We wanted to pick a national chain to see if the backing of a larger company gives the product an advantage. Papa John’s certainly qualifies as a large national chain as it is Top 5 in the country in annual sales[1]. Let’s see if any of that money is going into better packaging and food quality.

Fresh Pepperoni Mushroom PizzaPer the image above, the pizza comes in the standard cardboard delivery box we have known so well for all of our lives. There are two little compartments on the inside to hold their garlic butter sauce – which is quite delicious. The pizza box has a top with edges that slide into the cardboard sides to seal the box. A familiar classic, but does it do anything for the food?

The pizza arrives warm with cheese still gooey and flavors coming through from the pepperoni, mushroom, tomato sauce, and crisp crust. It is pizza that might not be as tasty as some of the independents. However, it’s a solid good-tasting pizza you can always depend on. We happily enjoy our meal and put what’s left in the fridge.

What Happened to the Pizza?

Pizza After Fridge TimeA few hours later, we come back for a nightcap slice and it just doesn’t look or taste the same. Even after warming up the pizza in the microwave, the pepperoni has a leathery texture to it. The mushrooms become waterlogged and turn a worse shade of gray. In general, the pizza has lost most of its taste. Just a bit of tomato and cheese flavor and watered down saltiness still come through. This might have been acceptable when we were in college and didn’t know any better. However, over time our expectations and standards have evolved. Though a classic, we have to give the Papa John’s pizza delivery box a negative review. It just doesn’t do anything to help the pizza stay fresh.

Soggy Food Sucks has a USDA and FDA approved solution to this problem. Our “Crunch Patch” sticks to the top of the box and actively works to keep your pizza fresh longer.


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  • April 11, 2019

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