Overall 2018 Winner at StartUp Showcase – Soggy Food Sucks!

Our product earned the distinction of Overall Winner at the Smart Kitchen Summit (SKS) 2018 StartUp Showcase.

Soggy Food Sucks offers a simple solution that can help any restaurant provide fresh, crisp, and non-soggy takeout food – even on Thanksgiving! We’re honored that SKS agrees that we provide a game-changing solution for an industry-wide problem.

“It’s about finding an interesting product that hasn’t been there before and also solves for a consumer need, and this winner really showed me that…It’s one of those products that make you go, why didn’t I think of that!” – Mike Wolf

Smart Kitchen Summit is the premier connected kitchen event of the year. SKS founder Mike Wolf describes it as “the first and only connected kitchen event to tackle the technology and design convergence that’s changing how we eat, buy, store and interact with our food.”[1]

Startups that are on the cutting edge of food service attend. To give you a sense of the level of innovation, two other startups won distinctions in addition to Soggy Food Sucks.

MoJoe Brewing received an accolade for excellence in design. Their travel mug allows you to brew a fresh cup of coffee or tea whenever and wherever you want. It also fits in the cupholder of your car. We certainly agree with the idea of expanding the possibilities of freshness, whether with our product for food or MoJoe’s for coffee.

Garbi’s trash can received the best innovation award. Their smart trash can recognizes the food you throw out and reorders accordingly. In the near future, it might be able to help sort your trash, compost, and recycling as well.

With such great company, we are very excited to be the overall winner. It also gives us an opportunity to provide more from Soggy Food Sucks founder and creator, Bill Birgen. The Spoon interviewed him at the event and below are a few quotes we couldn’t help but share.


When asked why he created Soggy Food Sucks:

“I don’t like slimy, wilted salads for lunch.”[2]

Yes, our company exists because a rocket scientist really hates soggy salads.


When asked for a 15-second elevator pitch:

“Food taken home from a restaurant is often ruined by condensation. This patented product stops this, with the first of its kind, high performance, non-chemical desiccant.”[3]

Basically, your restaurant takeout and delivery food stay fresh and tasty all the way home. For more information, see our video below.

When asked about what’s next for our company:

“Next up will be limited production, sales, and deliveries of our small batch production. I will collect letters of intent from customers at the SKS and use these to leverage financing for a full-scale production.”[4]

The collecting continues. We are still open to receiving letters of intent. If you are interested in potentially purchasing our product, please contact us at info@soggyfoodsucks.com.


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[2] [3] [4] https://thespoon.tech/new-company-soggy-food-sucks-wants-to-eliminate-soggy-food-duh/

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