Fighting The Sog – A Disposable Salad Container Review

As we continue our review of local restaurant takeout and their disposable food container, next up is a lunch salad from Verde. Our recent local coffee shop review shows a delicious breakfast can turn soggy quickly. Let’s see if this popular salad spot does a bit better.

Lunch salad chain restaurants are on the rise.[1] Verde further proves that as they expand outside of their local area to another city. As many of their customers take lunch to go, they have put some thought into their packaging. Specifically, how it can help keep a salad fresh. The plastic bowl design works to minimize air exposure by keeping tight to the salad with little extra space. The container also has grooves in the base that the top can pop into. A noble effort to fight the soggy salad threat.

The salad pictured above has fresh tomato, lettuce, onion, cornbread croutons, buffalo cauliflower, avocado, chicken and more. With crisp vegetables and crunchy croutons, this freshly made and chopped salad brims with tasty flavor.

And an hour or so later…Squish!

Close Up On Salad In Disposable ContainerAfter about an hour or so, the crisp turns to squish. In this instance, everything blends into a general mush that’s not very flavorful. Also, even with no dressing, a sheen of dampness overtakes all parts of the salad from the avocado to the onion, chicken, and croutons. Despite the efforts of their disposable salad container, salads tend to have so much natural moisture that they still get soggy quickly. It’s the nature of the beast!

Soggy Food Sucks has a patented low-cost answer to this problem. A patch that absorbs moisture and condensation. It could just be the new armor needed to finally tame the soggy salad beast.


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