Fully Loaded: A Chili’s Restaurant Plastic Container Review

As we continue to look at to go packaging, next up is Chili’s and this boneless wings restaurant plastic container review.

Our focus has moved from local eateries to national chains to see how they treat their takeout food. We tested Papa John’s delivery packaging and it does little to keep the food fresh. Chili’s represents a very popular dinner spot! In fact, a member of 3.8 million U.S. households visited Chili’s for dinner in 2018[1]. Let’s see how their packaging measures up.

Chilis Boneless Wings in Plastic Restaurant Container

We stop by a local Chili’s restaurant and pick up the loaded boneless chicken wings. As the image above shows, the wings are freshly made and fully loaded as they steam up the plastic packaging with flavor. The container has a clear top that snaps into its thicker plastic base around the edges. The food sits on tinfoil within the closed takeout box. The house-made ranch dressing has their own small containers as well.

We then get to the best part, tasting the food! The chicken drips with juiciness and two types of cheese. Crispy bacon and crunchy scallions mix deliciously with these boneless wings. A dip in the fresh ranch and this appetizer lights up the taste buds. So tasty that we save some in the fridge for later.

Still Just As Good?

ChilisWarmedUpLoadedWingsA couple of hours later, we come back for another juicy taste. Excitedly, we pull the food from the fridge and warm it up in the microwave. Do we get the same cheesy, crunchy and flavorful experience? Not even close. The chicken becomes rubbery and dried out. We can’t tell the difference between cheese flavors and the scallions are just soggy. The bacon loses its crunch as well and gets chewy.

This well-known chain uses a standard restaurant plastic container. Unfortunately, it does little to help the food’s flavor and freshness last.

Designed by a rocket scientist, our eco-friendly and easy to use “Crunch Patch” works to keep takeout food fresh longer. It keeps condensation at bay so tasty foods like Chili’s boneless wings don’t disappoint so quickly.


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