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Takeout on Thanksgiving? It’s More Common Than You Think

Thanksgiving gives us all a great opportunity to reconnect with family, but it’s also a hectic time. The sometimes lofty expectations on quality of food can be overwhelming. Many people turn to restaurants to help remove some or all of the cooking stress that can come with the holidays. Not everybody feels the need to toil away in the kitchen for friends and family on Turkey Day. Statistics show that 10% of people dine out for their Thanksgiving meal and 5% enjoy a full takeout meal. Even if they are inclined to cook at home, 57% of a Thanksgiving meal […]

Deliveries are Booming, How’s Your Food Holding Up?

People are ordering food for delivery more often. In fact, 28% of consumers ordered delivery more often than a year ago, and some restaurants have seen delivery increases to up to 75% of their business[1]. As many orders for delivery are via the internet, reviews are now a deciding factor for success as well. The word is out, and businesses all over the country are taking steps to ensure a consistent food experience between in-restaurant and in-home. Keeping customers returning, high ratings and positive reviews paramount. SoggyFoodSucks has an inexpensive solution that helps you to achieve just that without being […]