4 Great Leftovers Foods

4 Foods That Make Great Leftovers

Delicious meals certainly create memorable dining experiences, but great leftovers is a gift that keeps on giving. We picked 4 different foods that often taste better the next day. One was even a favorite for George Washington himself!

1. Chili

Leftovers-ChiliChilis come with a huge variety of meat, spice, vegetable, bean and cheese options. Type in chili on AllRecipes.com and you get 936 different recipes. That’s a different recipe everyday for more than 2.5 years! However, you won’t need a recipe everyday as the spices and flavors blend overnight into wonderful leftovers.


2. Cake

Leftovers-CakeThere are certain types of cakes that have more flavor after sitting in the fridge for some time. Carrot cake is a great example. The recipes that have some extra spices and cinnamon in them are especially tasty the next day. The cream cheese icing sets and cinnamon flavor gets a bit stronger. Another example is whiskey cake – George Washington’s favorite! His wife, Martha, had a recipe that he loved.  


3. Pulled Pork

Leftovers-Pulled PorkA BBQ staple, pulled pork has a juicy, sometimes crispy yet alway delicious taste to it. Coupled with barbecue sauce, you can’t go wrong with this southern classic. The best part is that you can eat it the next day and have another wonderful experience. If you have some collards still leftover to go with it, even better! Here are 10 pulled pork recipes from TheSpruceEats.com.



4. Potato Salad

Leftovers-Potato SaladPotato salad is a solid dinner side option that many enjoy. Some prefer an authentic German style salad made from vinegar and bacon drippings. Others pick an American style, usually mayo-based, recipe to go with. Both share the benefit of tasting great for days! Here is an old fashioned German potato salad recipe from TheStayAtHomeChef.com.

Great tasting food can make any day brighter. Some foods shine their delicious light for longer on their own. Soggy Food Sucks has a “Crunch Patch” that helps all other foods get the same chance – even as leftovers.


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